Saturday, September 5, 2009

Asakawa Maki - DARKNESS I, 1995 (192kbps)

Rarely does a record cover sum up the content so wonderfully as this cover. It looks like a dark and moody blues/jazz album right? That is exactly what it is! Asakawi Maki is a pretty scary looking woman with a pretty scary sounding voice, and judging by a quick Google image search she has almost never been photographed in color.

The double album is a collection of tracks from Maki's long career, selected by the lady herself. The first disc is more focused on blues while the second one is labeled as the jazz disc. Some songs are live performances and some are studio recordings.

There is a version of St. James Infirmary Blues in here, interpretations of Bessie Smith and Langston Hughes songs and a take on Mon Homme. I think Maki's Japanese intonation suits the african american blues wonderfully. There is also an Indian chant (Govinda) and a couple of tracks penned by the late great Shuji Terayama who she collaborated with frequently.


CD 1
  1. 夜が明けたら [Yoru ga ake tara]
  2. ふしあわせという名の猫 [Fushi awase toiu na no neko]
  3. 淋しさには名前がない [Sabishisa ni wa namae ga nai]
  4. ちっちゃな時から [Chicchana toki kara]
  5. めくら花 [Me kura hana ]
  6. ゴビンダ [Govinda]
  7. 別れ [Wakare]
  8. にぎわい [Nigiwai]
  9. 難破ブルース [Nanpa Blues]
  10. セント・ジェームス病院 [Saint James Byouin]
  11. 裏窓 [Uramado]
  12. ハスリン・ダン [Hustlin' Dan]
  13. あの娘がくれたブルース [Ano musume ga kureta blues]
  14. 花いちもんめ [Hanaichimonme]
CD 2
  1. 都会に雨が降る頃 [Tokai ni ame ga furu koro]
  2. あの男がピアノを弾いた [Ano otoko ga piano wo hiita]
  3. 港町 [Minatochou]
  4. グッド・バイ [Good Bye]
  5. 暗い眼をした女優 [Kurai me wo shita joyuu]
  6. 忘れたよ [Wasureta yo]
  7. 新曲“B” [Shinkyoku "B"]
  8. 夕暮れのまんなか [Yuugure no mannaka]
  9. ちょっと長い関係のブルース [Chotto nagai kankei no blues]
  10. 同~今夜はもうおしまい [Dou ~ konya wa mou oshimai]
  11. マイ・マン(シングル・ヴァージョン) [My Man (Single Version)]

Please note: I'm not too sure about these romanizations, please correct them if you find any mistakes :)