Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy End - Kazemachi Roman, 1971 (192kbps)

Might as well start with this one to get it out of the way. This album is the darling of the Japanese critics, always way up in the top when they name their favorites. And for a good reason, it is a damn fine album. Damn fine. According to Wikipedia "Happy End attempted to paint a musical picture of Tokyo before the 1964 Summer Olympics, through which sweeping changes transformed the city forever." More info on the album can be found here.

Happy End lived between 1970 and '73 consisting of ex-Apryl Fool members Haruomi Hosono and Takashi Matsumoto plus Eiichi Ohtaki and Shigeru Suzuki. After the break up Hosono formed a certain Yellow Magic Orchestra and the other members also continued to enjoy successful music careers.

By the way: Rolling Stone Japan named this album "The Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time." Just so you know.

はっぴいえんど - 風街ろまん

  1. 抱きしめたい [Dakishimetai]
  2. 空いろのくれよん [Sorairo no Crayon]
  3. 風をあつめて [Kaze wo Atsumete]
  4. 暗闇坂むささび変化 [Kurayamizaka Musasabi Henge]
  5. はいからはくち [Haikara Hakuchi]
  6. はいから・びゅーちふる [Haikara Beautiful]
  7. 夏なんです [Natsu nandesu]
  8. 花いちもんめ [Hanaichimonme]
  9. あしたてんきになあれ [Ashita Tenki ni Naare]
  10. 颱風 [Taifuu]
  11. 春らんまん [Haru Ranman]
  12. 愛餓を [Aiueo]
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