Tuesday, October 13, 2009

J.A. Seazer - Kokkyou Junreika, 1973 (160kbps)

"It’s like a cross between a funeral procession, a live performance of The Doors’s “The End” taken to its furthest possible extreme, and the incendiary rantings of a street-corner prophet. J.A. Seazer’s Kokkyō Junreika (“A Pilgrimage Across National Borders”) distills most if not all of the glorious excess from the career of one of Japan’s counter-culture rock gods. It’s not a compilation record, but it might as well be — most everything you’d hear in a J.A. Seazer production is all here, in one 53-minute package. Invocations to the gods, tantrums, chants, Buddhist mantras, cries to the heavens, fuzztone guitar vamps — it’s all here.

And yet it all doesn’t sound like an embarrassing leftover from the acid era; it sounds ageless instead of aged. I’ve argued with friends about whether or not this is ethnocentric — i.e., does it sound that much more powerful and exotic by dint of simply not being in English? I don’t think so. There’s something about the way Japan continually transmutes its spiritual roots into popular culture of one kind or another, all without seeming to cheapen it or turn it into just another roadside attraction. When “outsider folk” artists like Shuji Inaba, Kazuki Tomokawa or Kan Mikami (a frequent Seazer collaborator) step up and deliver with speaker-cone-tearing vigor, they transmit something not only deeply felt but deeply believed. It’s not slumming."
- Text from Genji Press

Named 5th best japrock album in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50. J.A. Seazer with his many ways to romanize his name is a pain to tag, he is also known as J.A. Caesar and J.A. Ceaser with and without the dots.

J・A・シーザー - 国境巡礼歌

  1. 越後つついし親不知 [Echigo tsutsuishi oyashirazu]
  2. 転生譚 [Tenshoutan]
  3. 母恋しやサンゴ礁 [Haha koishiya sangoshou]
  4. 狂女節 [Kyoujo bushi]
  5. 英明詩篇 [Eimei shihen]
  6. 和讃 [Wasan]
  7. 人力飛行機の為の演説草案 [Jinriki hikouki no tame no enzetsu souan]
  8. 民間医療術 [Minkan iryou jutsu]
  9. 大鳥の来る日 [Ootori no kuru hi]