Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blues Creation - Demon & Eleven Children, 1971 (320kbps)

" Demon & Eleven Children begins in a most spectacular fashion that only adds to the legend with the track Atomic Bombs Away. The song opens with a doomsday atomic bomb blast that completely decimates anything and everything. Nothing could survive the fall-out of such a catastrophe, right? Wrong! We immediately hear a noodling blues lick break through the chaos, then a couple of bass notes, before the guitar changes to an incredibly simple, yet totally heavy riff that would make Deep Purple jealous. The rhythm section joins in, and we are treated to a groove every bit as heavy as the previous years’ War Pigs by Black Sabbath. What a way to kick things off! As the vocals kick in, we get out first dose of what will be an album full of English sang/slurred almost phonetically.

The flip side begins with another slow, bluesy number One Summers Day. I’ve always been curious if this song features the same vocalist, as the lyrics are more clearly sung and are down-right pretty. The pace picks up again with some for the rest of the record, and culminates in the blistering title track. This track was surely Blues Creation’s response to Paranoid, and it absolutely whips ass. In the end, I give this record a 7/10. Bolstered by the incredible bookending tracks and it’s relevance in rock history, yet hampered enough by the slower songs to keep it from being a holy grail."
- Text from Freelance Fiend.

Named 17th best japrock album in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50. Instead of transliterating the track list I've provided the English track names as they are written on the album cover.

Blues Creation - 悪魔と11人の子供達

  1. 原爆落し [Atomic Bombs Away]
  2. Mississippi Mountain Blues
  3. Just I Was Born
  4. 悲しみ [Sorrow]
  5. One Summer Day
  6. 脳天杭打ち [Brain Buster]
  7. Sooner or Later
  8. 悪魔と11人の子供達 [Demon & Eleven Children]
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