Friday, October 16, 2009

Kaji Hideki - TEA, 1998 (VBR)

"After Bridge's 1995 breakup, Kaji Hideki traded in his bass for a guitar (or rather, added to his repertoire everything else one needs to make an de facto one-man band) and released an EP, Muscat, the following year. Hideki is very interesting for one reason in particular: he crystallized Japan's indie-pop obsession with Sweden, and never turned back. Instead of drawing primarily from the Sounds of Scotland, 1980, Hideki pulled specifically from the awesomeness that was Swedish pop, 1995. It wasn't hip to be in love with Sweden back then -- certainly not like it is today -- and the fact that Hideki brought that country's music up to a new level of admiration while simultaneously constructing his entirely unique sound is the simple and fair reason to appreciate the forty-one-year-old."
- Text by BiBaBiDi

100th Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan.

カジヒデキ - TEA

  1. Suddenly, Sybilla
  2. My Favourite Tofflor
  3. Peanuts
  4. Green Road
  5. Tea
  6. After The Twin Peaks
  7. Ramlösa
  8. Everything Stuck To Him
  9. Made In Sweden
  10. Like A White
  11. We Were So Much In Love
  12. Rain
  13. Blue Mint Blue (Inst.)
  14. corolla-2 (TV Size Ver.)
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