Friday, October 2, 2009

RC Succession - COVERS, 1988 (VBR)

"There is a story behind these covers of Summertime Blues and Love Me Tender. In 1988, RC Succession recorded an album called COVERS, which was intended for release by Toshiba-EMI on the anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb and included Japanese versions of American protest songs such as Blowing In The Wind and Eve Of Destruction. So why Summertime Blues and Love Me Tender? In their Japanese versions, both are transformed into protests against nuclear power plants. This didn't please Toshiba-EMI at all - Toshiba being involved in the construction of nuclear reactors - so the record was pulled just before it was due to come out. Released on Kitty Records instead, the album went straight to number one in the Oricon charts."
- Text from Hong Kong Pop

41st Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan. Instead of translitering the tracks I've provided the name of the original song.

RCサクセション - COVERS

  1. 明日なき世界 [Eve Of Destruction]
  2. 風に吹かれて [Blowin' In The Wind]
  3. バラバラ [Balla Balla]
  4. シークレット・エージェント・マン [Secret Agent Man]
  5. ラヴ・ミー・テンダー [Love Me Tender]
  6. 黒くぬれ! [Paint It Black]
  7. サマータイム・ブルース [Summertime Blues]
  8. マネー [Money]
  9. サン・トワ・マミー [Sans Toi M'amie]
  10. 悪い星の下に [Born Under A Bad Sign]
  11. イマジン [Imagine]
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