Saturday, September 12, 2009

3/3 - Sanbun No San, 1975 (256kbps)

"An absolute monster from Shadoks, unearthing live 1975 recordings from a wild proto-punk trio led by Reck of Friction. Sanbun No San was originally released in a mind-bending run of only 15 copies in February 1975 in order to secure a record deal but soon afterwards Reck and guitarist Higo Hiroshi split for NY and dropped head-first into the No Wave scene, playing with James Chance & The Contortions and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks before fully infecting the Japanese underground with alla the moves they had so convincingly osmosed by forming the legendary Friction on their return.

As well as being possibly the rarest Japanese underground release of all time, Sanbun No San works as a vital missing link in the whole Japanese underground saga - indeed, it could well be the blueprint for Nanjo Asahito’s later experiments with High Rise. The sonics are totally thrilling, with the A-side dominated by moves that are somewhere between Peter Laughner's post Velvets amphetamine garage and blistering power trio moves ala Blue Cheer, Hendrix and Human Instinct that could’ve just as easily dropped offa the Spectator label roster circa 1970. It's punk, but there's a whole lot more string-flash than Slaughter And The Dogs."
- Text by Volcanic Tongue

Took the 43rd spot in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50. This is a vinyl rip so the sound quality is dodgy, and keep in mind that the original has dodgy sound to begin with.

3/3 - 3/3

  1. きかいのうた [Machine Song]
  2. ジャンプ [Jump]
  3. いつも [always]
  4. くものなか [In a Cloud]
  5. とんでけ [Fly]
  6. まどあけて [Open a Window]
  7. ながされて [Let it Flow]
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