Friday, September 11, 2009

Shoukichi Kina and Champloose, 1977 (192kbps)

"I first heard a fuzzy, 10th generation cassette of a live recording by Okinawa's Shoukichi Kina and Champloose back in 1980, from a radio listener who had lived in Japan in the late seventies. It was raw, edgy and wonderful. A few years later Henry Kaiser and friends recorded Kina's "Haisai Ojisan", and the legend took root in America.

The songs on this set are wonderfully raw, live recordings made in Kina's own nightclub in 1977, soon after the American retreat from the island. It includes the now legendary "Haisai Ojisan." On this and many of the other songs there is a frantic pacing, singers chanting like a crowd at a football game, the electric sanshin plucked in wild abandon to the thump of bass and drum kit. There are a number of folky ballads that while sweet still have a rough edge that keeps them from getting sappy. The CD also includes two studio recordings that weren't on the original tape, both powerful, madcap and only somewhat slicker rock songs."

Text taken from Roots World. Released in the west as The Music Power from Okinawa . 6th Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan.


  1. ハイサイおじさん [Haisai Ojisan]
  2. うわき節 [Uwaki Bushi]
  3. レッドおじさん [Red Ojisan]
  4. 番長小 [Bancho Guwa]
  5. 東崎 [Agarizachi]
  6. すくちな者 [Sukuchinamun]
  7. いちむし小ぬユンタク [Ichimushiguwanu Yuntaku]
  8. 馬車小引んちゃー [Bashaguwa Suncha]
  9. 島小ソング [Shimaguwa Song ]
  10. 東京讃美歌 [Tokyo Sanbika]
  11. 島小ソング(シングル・ヴァージョン) [Shimaguwa Song (Single Version)]
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