Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yonin Bayashi - Isshoku Sokuhatsu [+2], 1974 (VBR)

Classic progressive rock album, the title track is lethal as fuck. According to Jrawk: "The album's vibe is not unlike Classics IV's hit "Spooky" jazzy, but still rock, spooky yet spry, gloomy but with a gentle, flexible confidence. Even when the clouds part for Katsutoshi Morizono's vocals in the chorus of "Omatsuri," it sounds like he's shouting bravely from a dark well."

Named 38th (Rolling Stone Japan) and 5th (Takarajima) Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time, Julian Cope thinks this is the 49th best Japrock album in the book JAPROCKSAMPLER. This remastered CD edition comes with two bonus tracks originally released as a single attached to the end.

四人囃子 - 一触即発(+2)

  1. [hΛmǽbeθ]
  2. 空と雲 [Sora to Kumo]
  3. おまつり [Omatsuri]
  4. 一触即発 [Isshoku Sokuhatsu]
  5. ピンポン玉の嘆き [Ping-Pong Dama no Nageki]
  6. 空飛ぶ円盤に弟が乗ったよ [Soratobu Enban ni Otoutoga Nottayo]
  7. ブェンディア [Buen Dia]
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