Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RC Succession - RHAPSODY, 1980 (128kbps)

"The band's sound has always been as difficult to describe as it is easy to recognize. Blessed / cursed with the "Japanese Rolling Stones" tag, that comparison isn't totally off, but it doesn't do the band justice, nor does it prepare anyone for Imawano himself. If Mick Jagger is a peacock, Imawano was a demented Muppet that was by turns obnoxious, soulful, ecstatic, cocky, glam, grunge, barking, cartoonish, real, and riveting. You either love or hate his voice, a high, strained, yet often powerful warble that doesn't sing so much as charge around the stage with both middle fingers held aloft. In many ways, he was an anti singer, often gleefully ignoring the tune in favor of a vaudevillian vocal flourish or exaggerated, mocking tone. "
- Text taken from Jrawk.

A live album considered to be one the best Japanese albums ever. Second Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan. Takarajima was more modest and only placed it as number nine.


  1. よォーこそ [Yookoso]
  2. エネルギーOHエネルギー [Energy Oh Energy]
  3. ラプソディー [Rhapsody]
  4. ボスしけてるぜ [Bosu Shike Teru Ze]
  5. エンジェル [Angel]
  6. ブン・ブン・ブン [Bun Bun Bun]
  7. 雨あがりの夜空に [Ameagari no Yozora Ni]
  8. 上を向いて歩こう [Ue wo Muite Arukou]
  9. キモちE [Kimochi E]
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