Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anarchy, 1980 (128kbps)

"Derivative as the band admittedly was (at least at this point,) playing spot the influence is half the fun. The Clash's "Safe European Home" gets lifted twice, first with the backing riff of the chorus for "あぶらむし" ("Aburamushi,") then with the wholesale appropriation of the title track. Stiff Little Fingers' classic "Suspect Device" gets a new batch of lyrics and not much else with "3•3•3." That's on top of the straight up covers. "ジョニー・B・グッド" ("Johnny B. Goode") miraculously avoids feeling like just another version, even if there's nothing really objectively unusual about it. "ホワイト・ライオット" ("White Riot") even preserves the lyrics for the chorus ("Waa raa, I waa-ah raa, waa raa, a raa oh ma oh") while adding an additional layer of snot and mockery.

But let's not get too wrapped up in the band's occasional sources: this isn't a covers album. "缶詰" ("Kandume") is almost power pop, albeit power pop as played by people that are trying to start a fight. "季節の外で" ("Kisetsu no Soto de") is surprisingly complex, squeezing quite a bit of variation in just under two minutes, but still staying well within the bounds of straightforward rock 'n' roll. "もうアウト" ("Mou Out") shows that the Chuck Berry influence isn't limited to covers, with it's descending riff and simple but energetic fills. Like many releases of its ilk, "Anarchy" makes its case and gets the hell out of the way: at just under half an hour, there's no room for fat. The longest song is still under three minutes. This only adds to the momentum, making it a blur of high energy that effortlessly accomplished one of punk's basic goals: to bring rock music back to it's original immediacy, free of extraneous theory or stuffy reverence. It's a return to the birth of rock 'n' roll, adding snotty vocals and distorted guitars, but leaving the rest whole."
- Text, as always, from Jrawk.

16th Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan

アナーキー - アナーキー

  1. ノット・サティスファイド [Not Satisfied]
  2. あぶらむし [Aburamushi]
  3. ジョニー・B・グッド [Johnny B. Goode]
  4. 東京イズバーニング [Tokyo is Burning]
  5. 3・3・3
  6. 缶詰 [Kandume]
  7. シティ・サーファー [City Surfer]
  8. もうアウト [Mou Out]
  9. ロック・スター [Rock Star]
  10. 団地のオバサン [Danchi no OBASAN]
  11. 季節の外で [Kisetsu no Soto de]
  12. ホワイト・ライオット [White Riot]
  13. 教室の中で [Kyoushitsu no Naka de]
  14. アナーキー [Anarchy]
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