Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve, 1971 (320kbps)

"Eve begins with the hobbling proto-grunge of "Mr. Walking Drugstore Man" and it’s The Move’s "Brontosaurus" all over. A horrible retarded blues riff introduces Joey Smith singing down a cassette recorder mike with a truly Lou Reedian authenticity: Hey, Mr. Walking Drugstore Man/What do you have for me today/I’ve been feeling so ugly/I’ll just have to move around/Try to locate my brain alright. But poor Joey’s got that post-amphetamine withdrawal so bad that his ‘brain is kinda tight’ and he needs Mr. Walking Drugstore Man to give him ‘some of your special speed yeah special speed.’ Whenever Joey Smith has a particular point to make, he does a very singularly excellent thing. He slows the song right down with his drums and crawls the lyrics along. It’s as if to say: "And… another… fucking… thing!"

Side two commences with possibly my favourite song in this here collection. "Ode to the Bad People" is a dum-dum super catchee garage song commanding the bad people to ‘fade out now’. Lyrics cobbled together from every teen protest song ever are howled over lolloping, rolling drums and a killer chorus. The bad people "kill students in the streets" and "try to scare you off your feet". The bass just takes us into new heights loud as a mother and Trevor Bolder/Tony Visconti as hell. Here, Joey’s vocals really remind me of James from the Electric Prunes, and just to prove he’s the fucking leader of this band, he finishes the song alone, taking the drums to new lows of scrabble dabble psychobabble; B-dap, b-dap, b-dabber, b-dabber b-dabber b-dap-p-p-p!!!"
- Text by Julian Cope

I love this album, it is so easy to listen to compared to the rest of the music in Japrocksampler. Shared the first place along with Satori in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50.

Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve

  1. Mr. Walking Drugstore Man
  2. Big Headed Woman
  3. Stoned out of my Mind
  4. Ode to the Bad People
  5. A) M Glue
  6. B) Keep It Cool
  7. Someday We'll All Fall Down