Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jacks - LIVE 68'7'24, 1973 (192kbps)

Oh boy, you are in for a treat here! A live record by Jacks, taped in 68 and released as a limited LP in '73, they didn't press more than a few hundred copies of the album. The gloomy mood set on their first album gets even gloomier with the furious performance and shoddy (but still very listenable) sound quality. This is bottomless despair on mp3! Heads-up: I'm really uncertain that the cover provided here is the official one, it is probably a cover used on a bootleg.

Instead of transliterating the track list I've provided the English track names as they are written on the cover of the album the songs originally appeared on.

Jacks - LIVE 68'7'24

  1. マリアンヌ [Marianne]
  2. お前はひな菊 [Daisy]
  3. この道 [My Road]
  4. 時計をとめて [Stop The Clock]
  5. いい娘だね [Lovely Girl]
  6. 由美子はいない [Gone my Yumiko]
  7. 敵は遠くに / Dm 4-50 [Battlefield in My Head / Dm 4-50]
  8. 薔薇卍 [Bara-Manji]
  9. どこへ [Where?]
  10. 裏切りの季節 [Gloomy Flower]
  11. ラブ・ジェネレーション [Love Generation]
  12. われた鏡の中から [In The Broken Mirror]
  13. からっぽの世界 [Vacant World]