Friday, September 25, 2009

Datetenryu - 1971, 1996 (192kbps)

"Mainly instrumental, their music is a space trek through endless R&B riffs and classic soul moments, like some ever- unfolding medley. UNTO purports to be what the band members would have chosen had they had the opportunity to release an official debut album at the time, ie: a total barrage of lo-fi progressive garage rock. The 20-minute epic ‘Doromamire (Covered All Over In in Mud)’ is the killer, but really it’s all one insane 47-minute-long rush."
- Text by Julian Cope

Took 32nd place in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50.

だててんりゅう - 1971

  1. ぶっこわれた僕 [Bukkowareta Boku]
  2. 春げしき [Haru Geshiki]
  3. 泥まみれ [Doromamire]
  4. Part-4
  5. あぶくの味 [Abuku No Aji]