Sunday, September 27, 2009

Far East Family Band - Parallel World, 1976 (256kbps)

"Released in 1976, this album was their fourth release and is a world away from the previous three (the others are more prog-rock than space-rock, but still well worth a listen). Recorded in England (Manor Studios - the birthplace of "Tubular Bells", no less) by a German producer, the acclaimed Krautrock producer and musician Klaus Schulze. "Parallel World" is a prime example of mid- 70's space-prog that occasionally tips over into cliche and self-indulgence and, for me at least, is all the better for it.

Julian Cope said: " Virtually without vocals, "Parallel World" occupied the kind of vast and eternal kosmiche space that only the greatest Krautrock albums had thus far commanded. Whatever crazy titles Miyashita would at a later date decide to impose on these tracks, Klaus had created one seamless and ever unfolding earth-shaking, occasionally skanking masterpiece"."
- Text from The Spill

Named best 4th japrock album in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50.

Far East Family Band - Parallel World

  1. Metempsychosis
  2. Entering
  3. Kokoro
  4. Parallel World