Monday, September 28, 2009

Flipper's Guitar - CAMERA TALK, 1990 (192kbps)

Flipper's Guitar were a Tokyo-based Japanese pop duo formed by Keigo Oyamada (who later made a name of himself as Cornelius) and Kenji Ozawa. Some say Camera Talk is the finest example of shibuya-kei out there, I'm content "just" calling it a damn fine pop album from the '90s.

It it also the 35th Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan

Flipper's Guitar - CAMERA TALK

  1. Young, Alive, In Love
  2. Camera! Camera! Camera!
  3. Cool Spy on a Hot Car
  4. Summer Beauty 1990
  5. Haircut 100
  6. Colour Field
  7. Big Bad Bingo
  8. Wild Wild Summer
  9. Knife Edge Caress
  10. Southbound Excursion
  11. 3 a.m. op
  12. Camera Full Of Kisses
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