Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jun Togawa - Tamahime-sama, 1984 (VBR)

This album is a deliciously fucked up pop gem. Togawa sings sometimes like a child, sometimes like a spirit, sometimes like a princess and sometimes like an operatic maniac. Sometimes all in the same song. The music is (for the time) experimental electronic pop but surprisingly enough it never gets annoying to listen to, the album sucks you in. The fantastic title track is composed by Haruomi Hosono of YMO and Happy End fame. More on Togawa here, and a review of the album can be found here.

18th Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Rolling Stone Japan

戸川純 - 玉姫様

  1. 怒涛の恋愛 [Doto no Ren-ai]
  2. 諦念プシガンガ [Teinen Pushiganga]
  3. 昆虫軍 [Konchugun]
  4. 憂悶の戯画 [Yuumon No Giga]
  5. 隣の印度人 [Tonari no Indojin]
  6. 玉姫様 [Tamahime-sama]
  7. 森の人々 [Mori no Hitobito]
  8. 踊れない [Odorenai]
  9. 蛹化の女 [Mushi No Onna]