Sunday, September 6, 2009

THE PREDATORS - Hunting!!!! (192kbps)

The Predators consist of Sawao Yamanaka from The Pillows, Jiro from GLAY and Shinpei Nakayama from Straightener. They (shockingly) sound like a mix between The Pillows and Straightener. So what you are getting is some good straight forward rock with a touch of indie. Don't get fooled by the cover, this album is the bee's knees.

THE PREDATORS - Hunting!!!!

  1. 爆音ドロップ [Bakuon Drop]
  2. Recall me
  3. Dizzy Life
  4. Sleepy Dragon
  5. ムスタングヒッピー [Mustang Hippie]
  6. Lizard man
  7. Last Hunting
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