Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sadistic Mika Band - Kurofune, 1974 (VBR)

"In Britain "Black Ship" received numerous critical accolades. John Ingham in Time Out called it "1975's most essential record". "Found at last, real rock 'n' roll in Tokyo", declared the New Musical Express. Sounds praised its "inventive and abrasive rock 'n' roll"; "an important new force", said Music Week; "this sextet will stagger you", announced Derek Jewell in the Sunday Times. ("Makes very little sense to me", complained the Disc reviewer). U.S. critics were no less impressed: Cashbox called the band a "super monster from Japan" playing "exciting commercial rock 'n' roll with an accuracy not possessed of many American groups"; "let the Occident beware", warned Circus magazine."
- Text stolen from here.

Fantastic rock album from super-group Sadistic Mika Band. Named The Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time by Takarajima, number 9 on Rolling Stone Japan's list.

サディスティック・ミカ・バンド - 黒船

  1. 墨絵の国へ [Sumie no Kuni he]
  2. 何かが海をやってくる [Nanika ga Umi wo Yatte Kuru]
  3. タイムマシンにおねがい [Time Machine ni Onegai]
  4. 黒船(嘉永6年6月2日) [Kurofune(2nd June, Kaei 6)]
  5. 黒船(嘉永6年6月3日) [Kurofune(3rd June, Kaei 6)]
  6. 黒船(嘉永6年6月4日) [Kurofune(4th June, Kaei 6)]
  7. よろしくどうぞ [Yoroshiku Dozo]
  8. どんたく [Dontaku]
  9. 四季頌歌 [Shiki ryouka]
  10. 塀までひとっとび [Hei made Hitottobi]
  11. 颱風歌 [Taifuuka]
  12. さようなら [Sayonara]
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