Monday, September 14, 2009

Jun Togawa - Ura-Tamahime, 1984 (160kbps)

"Initially a cassette-only release in '84. Yapoos is her band project. This concert has her many voices including an angry sort of punk scream. She does her classic song Punk Mushi no Onna (translated as PupaWoman and sung to the melody of Pachabel's Cannon.) Her version on the prior album was with girl's voice and string quartet, but this time the opposite of demure."
- Text taken from here.

This live album with Jun Togawa together with her backing turned real band Yapoos is probably the best introduction you can get to Togawa, her voice is much easier to understand and appreciate in a live setting. Released three months after her fantastic debut it contains several songs from that album including the definitive version of Mushi no Onna, here in a furious punk version.

戸川純とヤプーズ - 裏玉姫

  2. 玉姫様 [Tamahime-sama]
  3. ベビーラヴ [Baby Love]
  4. 踊れない [Odorenai]
  5. 涙のメカニズム [Namida no Mechanism]
  6. 電車でGO [Densha de GO]
  7. ロマンス娘 [Romance Musume]
  8. 隣の印度人 [Tonari no Indojin]
  9. 昆虫軍 [Konchugun]
  10. パンク蛹化の女 [Punk Mushi no Onna]