Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Heavier Than A Death In The Family, 1995 (160kbps)

"There ain’t no point taking up more than half a side of foolscap over description of this music. You either love or hate its simplicity. It’s that obvious. Besides, my dear translator Yuri AKA Madame Annexus Quam has told me that most of Mizutani’s words are so dumb-dumb moon-in-June kissy-kissy that they’ve gotta be intentional coming from such an out-and-out political and cultural refusenik.

Side One opens with the massively hooky “Strong Out Deeper Than the Night”, a fifteen minute plod-a-thon which slows Booker T’s “Green Onions” down to a “Las Vegas Basement” crawl, and allows Mizutani to first coo and mewl his wildly echoed vocals then answer himself with bursts of napalm fuzz guitar. It’s a seemingly endless trudge-o-thon round the kind of instant chord sequence that every 16-year-old plays then dumps the moment he starts doing it for real. Of course, here in Mizutaniland, it takes up the whole of side one. “The Night Collectors” follows, opening side two like La Dusseldorf playing “Virginia Plain” in a wind tunnel. Again, it’s a massively catchy and super-simple distort-o-fest; this time a mere eight minutes of autobahn joyriding, as Mizutani’s lead guitar envelopes the listener in cascades of sonic Niagara Falls."
- Text taken from Head Heritage

Named 3rd best japrock album in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler Top 50. All tracks recorded 1977, other than "People Can Choose", recorded 1973.

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Heavier Than A Death In The Family

  1. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night
  2. The Night Collectors
  3. Night of the Assassins
  4. Enter the Mirror
  5. People Can Choose
  6. Ice Fire