Monday, October 12, 2009

Yosui Inoue - Koori no Sekai, 1973 (128kbps)

"Yōsui Inoue's Kōri no Sekai album marked unprecedented success for the Japanese music industry at the time, becoming the first long-playing record that has retailed more than a million copies in Japan alone. Universal Music Group stated that the vinyl release of Kori no Sekai was sold more than 1.35 million copies. Comprising other formats such as audio cassette and compact disc, the album has sold nearly 1.4 million copies to date.

In the history of the Oricon Albums chart started in 1970, Kōri no Sekai has been the album with the most weeks at number-one. About two weeks after the release, the album topped the Japanese Oricon Weekly LP chart for the first time, and stayed there for 13 consecutive weeks. Since then, it continuously remained on the top-ten of the chart for 113 weeks, and returned to the number-one spot again and again, while Inoue himself subsequently released some albums. Eventually Kōri no Sekai entered the Oricon for 150 weeks, spending 35 weeks in total at the top."
- Wikipedia

12th Greatest Japanese Rock Album of All Time according to Takarajima.

井上陽水 - 氷の世界

  1. あかずの踏切り [Akazu no Fumikiri]
  2. はじまり [Hajimari]
  3. 帰れない二人 [Kaerenai Futari]
  4. チエちゃん [Chie Chan]
  5. 氷の世界 [Kori no Sekai]
  6. 白い一日 [Shiroi Ichinichi]
  7. 自己嫌悪 [Jiko Keno]
  8. 心もよう [Kokoro Moyou]
  9. 待ちぼうけ [Machibouke]
  10. 桜三月散歩道 [Sakura Sangatsu Sanpomichi]
  11. Fun
  12. 小春おばさん [Koharu Obasan]
  13. おやすみ [Oyasumi]
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